Legal Update – The Million Dollar Napkin


We wrote last week about the UK millionaire whose alleged deal reached in a pub was not upheld by the English courts ( Today we’re reporting on a million dollar napkin!

The case concerns two individuals involved in Alaska Dispatch News. 

Tony Hopfinger, who headed the Alaska Dispatch News has alleges thatAlice Rogoff (the wife of a billionaire financier) had agreed to pay him $100,000 every month for ten years. The agreement, believe it or not, was reached on a napkin. The dispute centres around what each party believes the $100,000 payment was for. A deal such as this should have clearly been part of a full legal contract in order to ensure both parties are protected. As the agreement was reached on a napkin it of course did not contain sufficient detail  and demonstrates the importance of getting a full contract drafted and signed. Click here to find out more about our contract drafting service:

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