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Contract Canary is a revolutionary new service. We act as a middleman finding you an adviser who is able to complete your request.

Due to our ability to refer high volumes of work we can secure low rates for drafting and review of legal agreements. These rates would not be achievable if you were to instruct somebody directly to carry out your request.

We are the cost effective alternative to law firms with an unrivaled level of service and competitive pricing.

The advisers are independent third parties who have been fully vetted in accordance with our strict screening criteria. We only engage with advisers who are suitably experienced and are committed to helping clients achieve their aims.

This is to ensure you are protected as we do not release the funds to the adviser until 5 days after they have sent you back your documents. You will have piece of mind that the adviser will carry out the work as they will not have been paid and if you have any problems with the adviser, we are here to assist ensuring your experience is trouble free.

This will depend on what you require to be drafted. Any price we give you will be fixed and includes one round of changes for free. Additional changes will be chargeable.

You contact us and provide detail on the type of agreement you would like to be drafted. We will then refer this to one of our advisers who will provide a quote for the work. This amount is paid to Contract Canary who then instructs the adviser to start the work. Your adviser will then liaise with you directly to discuss matters and to send you the finalised document.

We then release the funds to the adviser after you receive your document.

Our pricing is based on the number of pages in your contract(s). Other companies focus on how complicated a potential document is, we don't believe this is correct and have adopted an innovative fixed pricing structure. This helps you have greater visibility of potential costs.

Don't worry we don't count title pages, contents pages and blank pages towards your page total but we will not review pages in excess of those in your package. Pages are measured with the font Arial, font size 11 and margins of 1 inch on all sides.

When you purchase your package you will receive a confirmation email which also asks you a few short questions  designed to extract key information about your document and your relationship with the other party that you are contracting with. We ask that you reply to this email attaching your contracts and also with answers to the questions.

We will then send this to your allocated adviser who will undertake the review. If they have any questions they will contact you and once your matter has been completed, they will email you the results of their work.

Whilst we engage with a wide variety of advisers with different specialisms there are certain instances where our advisers cannot assist, in which case we will issue you with a full refund if you have purchased a package which cannot be undertaken. Unfortunately our advisers cannot review the following documents: Conveyancing documents, powers of attorney, wills, trust documents, finance documents and documents not written in English. We also do not offer any tax advice.

This is of course not an all encompassing list and where we do not have an adviser who is able to review your document we will promptly notify you. Our advisers will only review agreements in which the laws of England apply. If we receive any contracts not governed by the laws of England, the advisers will review them as if they were subject to these laws.

Yes if you purchase our Regular and Express Packages which include amendments. 

We're here to help so if there is anything which is not clear please email quoting your reference number together with your questions and the adviser will swiftly respond.

We will get your contract review back to you in accordance with the time period in your package. The period of time will start on the same day if we receive your agreement and answer to our questionnaire before 11am (GMT). Please note the period start time will be postponed if we require further information from you or you haven't fully answered our questions in the confirmation email. Our advisers will of course try to get the review back to you as soon as possible.

If you require a shorter deadline please email: and we will endeavour to help subject to adviser availability.

If we cancel your order we will fully refund you.

We understand that business can be fast paced and changes can happen very quickly. With this in mind, we are happy to offer a full refund prior to your adviser starting the review of your documents. If they have already started to review the documents we will not be able to offer you a full refund in that instance.

All payments must be via Contract Canary. We do not accept responsibility for any payments or work undertaken directly with an adviser. Clients who pursue this do so at their own risk.

As we refer large volumes of work we can achieve preferential rates not achievable directly. All advisers are contractually obliged to comply with a strict service level agreement meaning they will complete your work on time and with high quality. This would not be available directly and we work hard to maintain a list of reliable and experienced advisers.