Online Contract Review Service

We'll connect you to an experienced adviser who will help you understand
your agreement by highlighting any legal issues and legal risks to you.

Who is this service for?

Have you become frustrated with how slow your law firm are to complete your tasks? Do they always fail to stick to their budget or perhaps their bills are just too high to justify their poor service? If this describes your predicament then you are amongst many others who have grown fed up with the tired, slow and old fashioned ways legal services are traditionally provided. See below for our pricing.

We have modernised legal services

Contract Canary provides access to a network of advisers who will review your contracts and legal documents for a fixed fee (something your law firm will struggle to agree to). This transparency helps you to plan your budgets whilst not sacrificing on quality.

We aim to protect you by not releasing the funds to the specialist adviser until 5 days after they have sent you back your documents. This gives you piece of mind, knowing that the adviser will complete your project on time and to a high standard.

We have streamlined the legal contract review process, bringing legal services online as we believe buying legal assistance should be as easy as any other product. We allow you to purchase the services of advisers online, with a debit or credit card and once we receive your documents for review we instruct one of the advisers to begin looking at the agreement for you.

Use cases

Our clients have utilised us in a number of scenarios, usually it is when a third party has sent them terms and conditions which require review or when another party is seeking to amend a customer's standard terms and conditions and our clients want assistance with understanding what the legal consequences of the changes will be. We also provide assistance when standard templates require updates e.g. due to new legal developments (such as GDPR) or to cater for a new commercial direction.

What contracts can be reviewed?

Our advisers are vastly experienced in different areas of the law. The list of contracts our advisers have experience of reviewing is too long to list but it includes some of the following:

software licences - international distribution agreements - non disclosure agreements (NDA) - recruitment business agreements (temporary and permanent) - consulting agreements - contractor agreements - software development agreement - supply of goods contracts - supply of services contracts - website development agreements - general business and sales terms and conditions - dropshipping contracts and many more.

Clients of different sizes have utilised our service from startups, SME's to larger businesses.

How does it work?

It's easy as 1, 2, 3..

3 Easy Steps

It couldn't be easier

1. Purchase

Buy your contract review package, we will then send you a confirmation email asking you to answer a few short questions & to attach your agreements.

2. Adviser Allocated

We will allocate your contract to an adviser who will review your documentation and provide you with their comments.

3. Any Questions?

When you receive your contract review, if you have any questions just let us know.

When Your Contract Is Reviewed Your Adviser Will: 

  • Highlight any problems or issues with the agreement and explain their consequences;
  • Assess whether the contract meets your aims;
  • Answer any specific questions or issues you have raised;
  • Check whether the contract is legally valid and if it is enforceable in a court of law; and
  • If included in your package, suggest any amendments to the agreement with proposed drafting.

    Don't take any risks with a legal document, it is important you understand the implications of the document you are signing as a mistake could leave you facing the prospect of breach of contract problems and litigation. Understand your legal position use our service to ensure you are aware of your risks. 
  • Send us an email if you need more information on our service


    Take advantage of our fixed prices and say goodbye to hourly rates of law firms. Make the smarter choice and pick a package from below.

    Basic Package
    From £199.99

    • Up to 20 Pages 
    • Contracts reviewed and sent back within 96 working hours
    • Comments and observations provided
    • No amendments will be proposed under this package
    • Documents Accepted: Microsoft Word, PDF, Open Office, Pages

    Suitable for: Those who want a quick check without any changes proposed

    Regular Package
    From £299.99

    • Up to 20 Pages 
    • Contracts reviewed and sent back within 96 working hours
    • Comments and observations will be provided
    • Amendments drafted and made on the document itself
    • Documents Accepted: Microsoft Word, PDF, Open Office, Pages

    Suitable for: Those who want a full contract review with amendments 

     Express Package

    • Up to 10 Pages 
    • Contracts reviewed and sent back within 24 working hours
    • Comments and observations provided
    • Amendments drafted and made on the document itself
    • Documents Accepted: Microsoft Word, PDF, Open Office, Pages

    Suitable for: Those who need a quicker turnaround time



    "We were quoted large sums by law firms to review a contract. Contract Canary's instructed advisers highlighted all the key risks for a fixed fee. This helped to keep costs low on a deal where margins were tight."

    S Araklitis - Director

    Recruitment Business

    G Christoforou

    Partner - Chartered Accountants
    "Contract Canary provided us with a high quality commercially focussed service. We will definitely be using them again."
    "Contract Canary is one of the best productized legal services we have used. Its an invaluable tool for any startup wishing to get a detailed analysis of a legal document"

    O Smith

    CEO - Online Price Comparison Website
    Operating as a quick agile business has meant we are often prevented from adapting quickly due to legal hurdles. Contract Canary was key in helping us move forward quickly on key projects with manufacturers.

    N Yan

    Founder - Online Clothing Retailer