Our Story


Contract Canary was born to help businesses by offering a more cost effective way of ensuring their contracts meet their needs and do not leave them exposed to legal risk. Currently businesses lack choice when it comes to having their agreements reviewed and drafted which means they would often sign unsuitable agreements without any form of specialist review having taken place or pay extortionate legal fees.


We set up Contract Canary with the key driver to support SME's who are often neglected. Currently there is a large pool of highly experienced advisers who do not have the ability to access the public to offer their services. This means most businesses have to either utilise a law firm with the high hourly rates that go with them or try to resolve matters themselves, quite often with difficulty.

Contract Canary is the better choice offering quick and flexible solutions for a fixed fee. We act as a middleman, contracting with extremely knowledgeable advisers to secure competitive rates which would not be accessible directly. The advisers are not only vastly experienced in their fields, but can also provide good business solutions, not just legal ones.


We want to make legal expertise more accessible and more affordable for all, whether you are a startup unsure how to take the next step in your long held dreams, or someone who needs a fresh perspective to safeguard your interests. We help clients of differing sizes operating in different industries with very different circumstances. Contract Canary can make it happen, we are here.